Allegra a San Jon

Sajat bainvgnüts pro nus a San Jon. Nus vain grond plaschair da pudair preschantar a Vus nossa sporta da chavals e nos bel Saloon. Bler plaschair e fin bainbod a San Jon.

Welcome to San Jon! We offer youth riding camps of one week, Western riding lessons, trail riding, riding classes, one-hour to one-day outdoor rides and trekkings of several days, and much more. Why don't you drop by and let yourself be carried away from everyday worries on horseback, or let the glorious scenery enchant you on a leisurely hike.

Men Juon & Brigitte Prohaska and team

What we have in store for you

The San Jon Stable and Saloon, situated in close proximity to the Swiss national park and surrounded by majestic and pristine nature, makes the horse lovers' hearts swell with joy.

Our Saloon

Soothing country music in the background, horses grazing peacefully, somebody's first horse-riding attempts in the riding arena – the San Jon Saloon is where everybody meets to eat and relax and watch the daily activities around the stables.
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Our stables

The San Jon Stable fills horse lovers' hearts with joy. Our offer includes one-week youth riding camps, Western riding courses, riding lessons, as well as one-hour to one-day outdoor rides and trekkings. »Read more

Our rooms

Comfortable double rooms, cozy multi-bed rooms and family rooms are at your disposal in our non-smoking Western saloon. There certainly isn't any shortage of comfort and coziness here in San Jon. »Read more